A Start-Up Born Out of Frustration

Meet Deeckla Rotman, the founder and CEO of SCRUFF & SMOOTH. Read more below to learn about her journey.

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Describe your company in <2 sentences.

A men's skincare and grooming hub.

What is your start-up’s mission?

Men are underserved in the skincare industry. Their skin is different from women's - it's thicker, oilier, and is impacted by facial hair. So, I created SCRUFF & SMOOTH to help men discover skincare and grooming options created specifically for men's skin and lifestyle.

What motivated you to start this company?

I personally have struggled with finding good skincare and cosmetics that really work for me. It's 100 times harder for men because they have less options and information isn't shared as often. I want to help change this, so men have easy access to quality products and information created specifically for their skin and lifestyle

How has your personal life influenced the direction of your company?

The creation of SCRUFF & SMOOTH stemmed from my own frustrations searching for and trying hundreds of products. It is because I struggled with skincare for years that I wanted to build and make an impact in the space. My personal frustration in the space is what ignited me to start. Being able to help an underserved group of people in the space - that fuels me.

What do you wish you would have known before taking the leap?

Founding a business as a solo founder can get lonely. And the road is full of uncertainties. I recommend surrounding yourself with a group of people who are walking the same journey to help support you when the going gets rough, which is basically every other day ;).

What has been the hardest problem you’ve had to overcome in this journey?

There's a constant theme of uncertainty - What will tomorrow bring? Which path to take? Having worked for large corporations my whole career, where so much is set in stone and is rather predictable, the uncertain nature of founding a business was foreign to me. The reason I was able to get past this is because a bigger part of me thrills at the idea of having to work out a puzzle from scratch. I've learned to accept the uncertain nature of launching a business and am giving it the time it needs to grow.

Who is your founder BFF or biggest inspiration in your journey? Why?

My husband - he has been my rock, my sounding board, and biggest supporter from the beginning.

Favorite software tool or service?     
Shopify! I would have never been able to launch as quickly as I did if it wasn't for this incredibly easy and well thought-out platform.
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